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October 9, 2012
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December 2, 2012

Hope you are all doing well.  I am busy in my practice as always.

The practice is great, but being so busy, sometimes the finer points of running a business are missed.  One thing a good business does is check customer satisfaction from time to time.  In my practice, patients are the customers!  This is not strictly like in other businesses since delays are sometimes unavoidable and what a patient may want is not necessarily the best treatment.  However every patient should feel like they were listened to and that they had their concerns addressed as much as possible at their visit.

With this in mind I have created a simple survey, just to see how I and my office team are doing.  Access it at  Responses are anonymous and one response per patient only is allowed.  I would be grateful if my patients could fill it out and provide this feedback, so I can improve the patient experience in the future.

Is this a good idea?  Have you seen other doctors who do this?

Until next time,

Dr. John Vyselaar

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