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With dedicated clinical space, coupled with an experienced and interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals, the North Shore Heart Function Clinic opened to its first patients in February 2017. This new clinic has been developed specifically to meet the needs of heart failure patients and their families in North and West Vancouver and the Coastal Community of Care.

We provide comprehensive care for patients with congestive heart failure, ensuring patients are assessed quickly, receive the best care under cardiologist supervision, and are active partners in their treatment, leading to the best possible outcomes for them and their loved ones.

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Located on Lonsdale Avenue, the new clinic advises, educates, and empowers heart failure patients by ensuring that they have the best quality of life available to them. The clinic streamlines the current approach to heart failure care and encompasses a patient-centric approach.
The clinic works holistically to:

  • coordinate care with family doctors and other healthcare providers;
  • support positive lifestyle changes;
  • manage initial and ongoing health assessments;
  • provide early access to advanced therapies and devices, where appropriate;
  • manage medication and provide individualized education for better self-management.

The Clinic features a Nurse Practitioner, Lana Galac, who works alongside Dr. Vyselaar and his three colleagues to care for patients with congestive heart failure. The clinic is open four days a week and serves a large cohort of patients with congestive heart failure. Consistent with Canadian and international evidence, clinic operations improve patients' quality of life and survival. They also help to lower congestion at the Lions Gate Hospital emergency room, and decrease hospital readmission rates.

We have also expanded our services to include patients with atrial fibrillation, offering these patients the same enhanced care.

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Resources for Patients

North Shore Heart Function Clinic


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Salt restriction

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Mediterranean diet

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