Be active, safely

The North Shore Sports Cardiology Clinic is a collaborative effort between Dr. John Vyselaar, cardiology consultant for multiple professional sports teams and high level athletes, and his dedicated colleagues and team at the North Shore Heart Centre.

We are focused on:

  • evaluating athletes in consultation,
  • incorporating new technologies,
  • screening programs to avoid cardiac disease during exercise,
  • public advocacy,
  • and research on normal variations in athletes.

  • Our team includes cardiologists Dr. John Vyselaar and Dr. Sam Doe, nurse practitioner Lana Galac, dietician Michele Blanchet, research nurses Jen and Megan, and our clinic technologists and office assistants.

    Our mission is to ensure that exercise is safe for everyone!  
    Contact us below if you have any questions or wish to arrange an assessment.
    Here is a link to Dr. Vyselaar's Grand Rounds presentation on Sports Cardiology.  (This is intended for healthcare professionals, but can be viewed and understood by anyone.)

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