We're here to help

For patients:

Please remember to bring to your appointment:

  • All of your medications (or an updated list)
  • Information about any drug allergies
  • Any previous cardiac investigation or consultation reports
  • Your insurance information - both your BC MSP / BC Services Card and any third party (private) insurance coverage you have
  • A list of any questions you may have
  • A family member or friend, if desired, to assist you with your visit

For referring doctors:

Please fax your referrals to 604 980-1032


  • Indicate the reason and urgency.
  • Include contact information for the patient; we will contact them directly to book the appointment and any tests that may be necessary.
  • Send any relevant information (such as previous investigations, procedures, and consultations regarding your patient's cardiac condition)
  • Call or email me at any point if you have any concerns about your patient. (We monitor our wait time and cancellation list daily and open extra spots when my hospital work allows.)

Dr. John Vyselaar strives to make the practice as helpful as possible. Please know that your questions about your cardiovascular care are welcome and he will do his best to answer them during your visit as time allows. Please remember he is a cardiologist, and trained to evaluate your cardiovascular concerns, but not to deal with your other medical issues - those are often more appropriately discussed with your primary care physician.

Please notify us if your symptoms worsen while you are waiting to see Dr. Vyselaar – we will do our best to advise you or see you sooner, as appropriate. We review our wait times and cancellation lists on a daily basis, and try to open up extra appointments as hospital work permits.

Satisfaction with your heart-health care experience here is very important to Dr.Vyselaar Please take a few minutes to complete our patient experience survey. Your feedback is appreciated.