High quality, evidence-based cardiology care.


Pacemaker, implantable cardiac defibrillator (ICD) and implantable loop recorder (ILR) follow up

Alongside technologists, providing assessment of your device function and battery life, and revise its programming

Echocardiograms (echo)

High quality ultrasound imaging of your heart's structure and function, available on short notice, and interpreted by Dr Vyselaar. A fee is required

Echocardiogram frequently asked questions

Why would I do my echocardiogram here?

Wait times are usually short and the studies are of good quality with professional cardiologist interpretation. Echocardiograms done elsewhere are not always interpreted by cardiologists with a clinical background and experience in cardiac diseases. A lack of expertise can result in a poorer quality examination with incorrect measurements, data, or interpretation. As well, waiting times in hospitals can be very lengthy, often 6 months or longer.

Why do I have to pay? Isn't this covered by MSP?

Restrictions in BC do not allow MSP to pay for echocardiograms performed outside of a hospital setting. This is a means of cost control for the BC government, and revenue for the hospital, since they receive a portion of the fee the government pays for the procedure. Thus, there are a lot of vested interests in the system that keep things this way. The only problem is, of course, that patients have to wait, and in some cases their health may be jeopardized by doing so. Offices are small businesses, and the equipment and staff to do the tests are not free, nor is Dr. Vyselaar's time. For this reason a fee is necessary. What is the fee? $350 per echocardiogram. We are more affordable than other locations in the greater Vancouver area. The hospital fee for an echocardiogram is $1400 if you don't have insurance. Other sites are at least $500 and do not guarantee a cardiologist's interpretation.

How can I pay?

We accept cash or cheque.

How do I arrange a test?

Either you or your physician can arrange a test. Contact us and please let us know the reason for the test (the "indication") and any physicians that you'd like us to send the reports to. We can fax or email you a copy as well.

Are you in a conflict of interest here? Do you order tests on your own patients?

No. We are careful to avoid this possibility because of the intense media scrutiny surrounding privately-paid medical services in Canada. Dr. Vyselaar supports access to healthcare for all and attends at Lions Gate Hospital where he also reads echocardiograms. He will never "push" or encourage a patient of his to use this service. This is a service he offers to reduce wait times and move patients forward in their diagnostic and treatment plan. Echocardiography is central to the care of patients with cardiac illness and is important in the care of patients with other conditions as well. The fee for this service is set near the cost of service delivery.

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