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October 9, 2012
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November 21, 2012

Hi everyone, another quick update.  I had the pleasure of going on the radio again.  This time I was on the Philip Till show on CKNW 980 AM.  He does the morning show from 5:30 – 8 AM and covers a variety of interesting topics in addition to the usual news, weather and sports.  I was on Monday morning for a quick 6 minute segment about screening men for health concerns.  Their subject was “What should a 45 year old male be worried about?”  Obviously as a cardiologist I focused on heart related matters and cardiac risk factors.  They had Dr. Ali Zenter on this morning for women’s health issues and have a friend of mine who is a GP, Dr. Dana Haaf, going on tomorrow about other screening issues outside of cardiology.

Philip’s show is great and I highly recommend you give it a listen.  It is informative and a pleasant way to wake up on your drive into work.  This is in addition to my friend Maureen McGrath’s sexual health show on CKNW 8-9 pm Sunday.  Both Philip and Maureen are very professional and do a great job interviewing people, and touch on a number of interesting topics on their shows.

If you are interested check out Philip’s website at  You can listen to the audio from his show at the bottom of the page.  I am interviewed in the segment: Keeping Up With The Joneses: Keeping Up with Men’s Health.  The interview can be downloaded and runs 6:19.  I will see if I can post it here as well.

Please let me know if you have any comments or questions, leave me a message in the comment field below.

Until next time,

Dr. John Vyselaar


  1. Nancy says:

    Hi John, I just listened to your broadcast – twice. Lots of good information,straight forward steps to follow and well spoken. I enjoyed it. Nancy

  2. Patrizia Coletta says:

    My husband told about a cardiologist that speaks often on CKNW , not sure if you are the right person.

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