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Readmission Common for HF Patients Discharged to Nursing Facilities
April 16, 2017
Heart failure resources for patients added to our site!
April 22, 2017

I updated my Links page to include three links to sites that do a great job of describing the Mediterranean diet, and make it easy to follow.  This diet has by far the best evidence, from the PREDIMED trials, for significantly reducing stroke and heart disease risk.  Basically, you eat like a Mediterranean person – fish, olive oil, nuts, vegetables, one glass of red wine if you drink anyways (not worth starting if you don’t already drink, sadly!), low intake of red meat, and low intake of food with lots of fat or sugar.  I tell people to incorporate elements of the diet that work for them – e.g. don’t force yourself to eat olives if you don’t like them.  The Mediterranean diet is strongly recommended in the most recent update to the Canadian Cardiovascular Society Lipid Guidelines.  I prepared a summary slide on the Mediterranean diet, which you can use as a handout, see it here: Mediterranean diet.  And have a look at the websites on my Links page which go into a lot more detail and offer practical advice!


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  2. John Vyselaar says:

    Thanks for the comment Lori. The guidelines also endorse the Portfolio diet, low glycemic load and low glycemic index diet, and DASH diet, for reduction in risk factor values. But Mediterranean has the best evidence for reducing cardiovascular outcomes.

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