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November 10, 2011
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February 4, 2012

I hope you are all doing well. 

I have been at an echocardiography course down in Florida for a few days. Echocardiograms are ultrasounds of the heart that show me what your heart looks like, how well it squeezes and how well the valves open and close. I interpret them at Lions Gate Hospital, and to do so well, one must periodically update one’s skills. Going to a beautiful place like Florida doesn’t hurt either. 🙂

Being a doctor requires me to constantly update my skills. Like most doctors we cardiologists commit to a given number of continuing medical education credits. A given number of these is a requirement to continue to use some of the professional designations I put after my name. (In the US this is actually required to remain licenced.) I find this just a formality, to stay on top of things means that I am way ahead of what I am required to do.

I actually use a lot of twitter to keep up to date. What I do is follow websites and other doctors who produce useful medical information. When I see something interesting or important I then click on the link to the full report. This practice enables me to scan a lot of information very quickly, and extract only what is relevant to me. I have a professional account for work only, and a personal account for my personal inerests. I find I spend most of my time actually on my professional account!

If you are interested my twitter account is Follow me if you like and send me a message! Most of my tweets are retweets (rebroadcasts) of other pieces of information. As such a number of them are somewhat technical. I am trying to make my tweets more relevant to the lay person, however, with more content directly from me, so I hope this will be useful and interesting to you.

I am interested to know how you keep up in your chosen field? Do you use twitter at all and do you find it useful?? Please leave me a comment (the previous problem with comments was apparently something called “scripting” which has now been fixed).

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  1. Andrea WA says:

    Twitter for medical updates? It honestly never occurred to me. I usually get email-outs from different organizations and journals, and often we can claim CME credits for them too (like the InfoPOEMS sent out by the CMA). It really is true that half of what we learned in medical school is now obsolete!

    I'm definitely interested in what you tweet professionally, whether it's aimed at the layperson or your fellow physician, so I'm following you now on Twitter. 🙂

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