Doing the Tough Mudder to Fundraise for the LGH Foundation!

Speaking at the LGH Foundation Gala this Friday!
April 30, 2017
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May 28, 2017

I am doing the Tough Mudder up in Whistler this year.  June 18th.  It is my fourth time, and I have been training hard for it!  I have a great trainer at Club 16 / Trevor Linden Fitness, across the street from my office on Lonsdale.  I have a great team of friends and office staff doing it with me.

If you don’t know, the Tough Mudder is an adventure obstacle course.  Check it out here:  It is not a timed race, but a 19 km course filled with running, walls to climb over, mud to crawl through, ice water baths, and electrocution!  It is a lot of fun!  It is a great challenge too, and it really lets me test myself and my fitness.  Physical fitness is so important, and for busy people like myself, it is helpful to have a goal.  I try to get better each year.  It is also a great opportunity to fundraise for important causes.

This year, I would like to use my run to fundraise for the Foundation at Lions Gate Hospital.  They do fantastic work in supporting the Hospital, obtaining needed equipment, and new facilities.  They had a central role in the creation of the modern Emergency Department, and the HoPE centre, a facility for psychiatric care and medical education.  Currently they are working hard to raise funds to support the construction of a new Medical and Surgical Centre.  This is an impressive new building which will connect to the current patient care tower at Lions Gate and offer a much better environment for patients and staff.  It will dramatically cut surgical wait times and improve patient flow and comfort, with natural lighting, single occupancy rooms and modern design and ergonomics.  This Centre is critically important for the future of our Hospital.

I hope you can sponsor me for the Tough Mudder, and help fundraise for the Foundation and this new Centre.  100% of the money raised will go to the Foundation, and I am proud to support the excellent work they do.

I will post all race photos of me getting destroyed by the course here on my blog!  And will post a report on my progress.  In the past couple of years I skipped a couple obstacles…a narrow pipe that goes underground in the dark, and is hard for my big 6’9″ frame (the “Boa Constrictor”).  And a leap off a platform into freezing cold water, try to hit a bell, and swim out after.  Both were really hard for me.  But I am not skipping this year!  For the Foundation, I will do it all!  No weakness!

Please click here to view my fundraising page, and click the “Support Now” button to make a contribution!  Thank you for any support you can give!

Here are some pictures of me in action at previous Tough Mudders:

Running through electric wires (and getting shocked!) at the finish of the Tough Mudder!

Running through electric wires (and getting shocked!) at the finish of the Tough Mudder!

Crawling out from underneath barbed wire.

Crawling out from underneath barbed wire.

Just landed after climbing over wall.

Just landed after climbing over a 12′ wall at the Tough Mudder.

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