Still working on the radio!

I got sick! Tough Mudder postponed!
July 6, 2018
Heart Function Clinic has expanded hours, and now serves patients with atrial fibrillation too!
August 26, 2019

Hi everyone!  Hope you are doing well.  I have been busy with administrative work, practice and my three kids so have not had as much time to write lately.  I have some exciting ideas for more blog posts and will write again soon!  For now, I wanted to link to a Facebook Live video.  I am very privileged to be an occasional guest of my good friend Maureen McGrath on her Sunday Night Health Show on CKNW 980 radio.  I was on last night, since February is heart month, discussing marijuana and the heart, and sleep and the heart.

Here is a link to the Facebook Live video:

Hope you enjoy it!  See you again soon.

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