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April 7, 2011
The intersection of medicine and politics
May 3, 2011

Quick note today.  I saw an article on my Twitter feed (johnrvcardio) discussing how US Senators want to post Medicare billing data online for individual US physicians.  http://bit.ly/gVFc8x  While this already happens here in BC and elsewhere in Canada, this is to some degree an invasion of privacy.  Does it necessarily follow that if I bill for a lot of services I am a bad, greedy doctor?  Do I rush patients through or do I just work hard?  You can’t tell from the data.

While I am not that upset at the idea, given that I am used to it here in Canada, I should mention, I had an opportunity to watch the documentary “An Inside Job” over the weekend.  This movie is fascinating and shows how major players in the US banking system essentially control the US government.  There is almost no disclosure in the financial sector about conflicts of interest between government, academia and the financial industry.  When I think of all these bankers that make millions in bonuses, and ruin life for the middle class in the US and other Western countries, I get rather angry that doctors are viewed with such suspicion and skepticism.  Certainly bankers are not well regarded either, but I personally think they undergo much less scrutiny by the public than we do, and make far more money.  I think these Senators have the wrong priority.  How many disclosures do they have?

Any thoughts or comments?  As always I am interested to hear from you!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think I will watch "An Inside Job" after reading this!
    Thank you for your unique and honest insight into the situation JV!

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