I got sick! Tough Mudder postponed!

Doing the Tough Mudder again to support the LGH Foundation!
May 23, 2018
Still working on the radio!
February 25, 2019

Hi everyone, thanks for all your interest and support for the LGH Foundation.  I had really looked forward to running the Tough Mudder this year.  However, I got sick with the flu two days before.  Fever and chills would have made the mud and ice baths really quite unpleasant!

Fitness is important to me, and I want to honour the spirit of those who donated, by suffering somehow!  And I will.  I will run either the Spartan Race here in North Vancouver, or the Tough Mudder in Seattle, this September.  Both events involve mud, sweat, cold water, and lots of challenges.  The Spartan Race is a similar idea to the Tough Mudder, but it is timed, and if you struggle with an obstacle you have to do burpees!  I hate burpees.  Both events are fun and challenging.

I’ll update you when I do them, and post a few pics of mud and sweat.  Again, thank you to everyone who donated to the Foundation – they are great to work with and it is a great cause!

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