Honoured to be a guest speaker on the radio tonight! Sexual health is heart health!

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May 17, 2017
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July 3, 2017

I am very excited to be a guest of Maureen McGrath on her sexual health radio show this evening. The Sunday Night Sex Show, CKNW 980 AM, 8-10 PM every Sunday.

Sexual health impacts our overall quality of life and happiness so much. It is also linked intimately to cardiovascular health, which is how I have come to be a regular guest contributor on Maureen’s show. The benefits of a healthy lifestyle improve both heart outcomes and sexual performance! So they are important for more than one reason…perhaps cardiology is the second most important….

It is a tremendous privilege for me to be able to speak on such a great show, and communicate the benefits of a heart healthy lifestyle to such a broad audience. I have enjoyed speaking with Maureen for years and will soon post some clips from old shows for your enjoyment.

Tonight we will discuss some new benefits of walking, recent dietary controversy, and more! Maureen is a fantastic and entertaining host who covers a wide range of topics pertinent to sexual health, ranging from the risqué to the scientific. I hope you can join her every single Sunday evening for a fantastic bit of information and great entertainment!

Click here for more on the CKNW Sunday Night Sex Show. Click here for Maureen’s blog!

Sex is good for the heart

Regular sexual activity is safe for most heart patients and improves heart health outcomes. Sex is an extremely important part of our quality of life.

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