At the North Shore Heart Centre, we strive to provide complete, comprehensive cardiac care.  In addition to our cardiologists, we have a team of medical office assistants and technologists.  We are also privileged to work with a nurse practitioner, a dietician, and a research coordinator.

Sometimes, however, the team needs to change.  Regrettably, two cardiologists have departed our practice, Dr. Benny Lau and Dr. Annie Chou, both seeking opportunities elsewhere.  We are sad to see them go, and wish them well.

With these changes comes a chance for renewal.  We are very pleased to announce two new cardiologists have joined our group.  Dr. George Mak is an outstanding cardiologist who brings us advanced training and experience in echocardiography (ultrasounds of the heart).  Dr. Hardeep Mahal, also outstanding, has an interest in heart disease in South Asians, and is also keen to contribute to our heart function clinic (for heart failure patients) and sports cardiology clinic.  Both are excellent and caring physicians and we are pleased to welcome them.

Dr. Mahal has taken over Dr. Annie Chou’s practice, and is available to see patients formerly seen by Dr. Chou.  Similarly, Dr. Mak has taken over Dr. Benny Lau’s practice.  Contact either of them by phone at 604-980-1031, or by the Contact Us page.

Our group at the North Shore Heart Centre look forward to serving you, and providing the best possible, comprehensive cardiac care.