Dietician, Michele Blanchet, RD, joins the North Shore Heart Centre!

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We are pleased to have dietician Michele Blanchet, RD, working with us!

I am delighted to announce that Michele Blanchet, RD, will be working with us at the North Shore Heart Centre on a part-time basis, beginning Friday, September 8.

We are extremely fortunate to have Ms. Blanchet working with us.  Michele joins our team and brings over 16 years’ experience as a dietician specializing in cardiovascular health.  She provides extensive, detailed and individualized dietary advice to patients and their families.

As a doctor, I know some of the basics of a heart healthy diet.  But as a dietician, Michele has a far greater degree of detail and sophistication than I could ever offer. She is fantastic and absolutely committed to helping people reach their health and diet goals.  My colleagues and I look forward to collaborating with her to maximize heart health in our patients.  Diet is always the one of the cornerstones, part of the foundation, of any treatment plan or lifestyle improvement.

Ms. Blanchet has a fantastic website that tells you all about her and how she practices.  Have a look at  Michele will blog regularly from her site as well at

To book an appointment please use her contact link at or contact our office at 604-980-1031.

I am thrilled to have Michele working with us, and to have her expertise available for patients at the North Shore Heart Centre, and the rest of the North Shore community!

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