Coronavirus modifications to office procedures.

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November 27, 2019
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April 17, 2020

Hi everyone.  In light of the new coronavirus, COVID-19, and the need to slow and stop transmission of this highly virulent illness, my office now offers webcam or telephone assessments whenever desired by patients.  This will allow people to avoid travel and reduce risk of exposure.  For patients who do come to the office, please use hand sanitizer upon entry and exit.

For most patients, I can do a good assessment via these telemedicine procedures.  If I can’t do a complete assessment (since I can’t examine you via telehealth) we can make follow up arrangements for later.

If you have any respiratory symptoms, please do not come to the office, but take advantage of the webcam or telephone option.  My medical office assistants can change your appointment to a virtual visit at the same time as what was planned for the office.

If you do not have respiratory symptoms, I am still happy to see you in person, if you prefer to come in.  Whichever option you prefer is fine with me.

The risk to the public is low for many people, although for older people and some people with heart disease, it is significant.  In addition to reducing your own risk, by taking these precautions you avoid spreading the disease to others.

Thank you for considering this option.  We must all do our part to reduce the spread of this disease.

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